Friday, May 8, 2009

Avant Garde

Avant GardeAvant Garde Box
"AVANT GARDE" is a pink cotton cocktail dress epitomizing the daring of an artistic fashion decade. Two detached "floating" sleeves add a unique look to the ensemble. Accessories include a cap-style hat, black lace wrist gloves, black bead earrings and necklace, hose and black shoes. Circa 1956. Designed by José Ferrand.
Item No: 76085 1999 line

Fashion Fever

I had no idea I had this Ken or fashion but I found them today, while going through some dolls in the closet to trade. Apparently my mom had bought it for me, and put it in the closet as a surprise, years ago! Anyway, I kinda like him and the fashion can be used by Liam soo, these will be deboxed very soon ;)
Fashion Fever

Brilliance Adele

Adele Brilliance

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Just a few close-ups


Tonner Dressform

I was lucky enough to still find one ;)

A few old pics

Doll Fair (6)Doll Fair (14)Doll Fair (7)PICT0011Barbie (2)Barbie (3)Barbie (4)BarbieDressmaker Details
This is definitely one of the best fashions I ever bought ;)
Raven is really cute! Too bad she has rubber legs ;(

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Box photos

AshleyKateMary-Super SpaWhen In RomeGetting there
I've recently deboxed these for their fashions. I think Skippers can't have enough clothes and these are very modern so I just needed them ;)
I only kept 1 Mary-Kate and 1 Ashley. The others are so ugly I gave them away ;)