Thursday, September 9, 2010

Cami Basic Chestnut & Jacob Black

Jacob couldn't wait to get this girls in his arms

My two favorite Camis


I was hoping they were different and they are ;) I love them both!

Cami Basic Chestnut in Starlight


Cami Basic Chestnut

Cami Basic - Chestnut out of the boxCami Basic - Chestnut Close-Up in boxCami Basic- Chestnut DollMarket Exclusive LE50Certificate Of Authenticity Cami Basic - Chestnut

The lighting isn't perfect but it is late summer so I did the best I could do.

Cami Basic Chestnut

In August there was an exclusive Cami from the Doll Market. I found it by coincidence and was lucky there were still a few left. I had to really think it through but decided after a few days to take a change and ordered her. Next thing I know she is sold out. Now not long after I ordered her she was send to everyone and I got her yesterday. She wasn't cheap, but having her in hand made me see it was worth it. In this post I will show the prototype photos which were shown and in the next I will post photos of the beautiful doll I received.


I loved her hair and it, well, made me want her. Besides I am crazy about the other ones I have, but none had light brown hair. I wanted to see a close-up of her face though, just to make sure she was different enough from the other Cami's. So I mailed her since there was no information given of her eyes or make-up in the discription.

At the time this was the description that was given of her;
16 inch vinyl basic Cami fashion doll has been made exclusively for Doll Martket "Sweet Sixteen" Anniversary! She has long wavy chestnut hair, beautifully done make-up with sexy red lips, and has the Antoinette body sculpt. She arrives wearing lavender shirred bralette with matching panties and strappy leatherette high heels. Don't miss out on this very exclusive, stunning Cami doll. Don't forget to check out all of Cami's trendy complete outfits...they're going fast and are also very limited!!
Cami Basic

Artist: Robert Tonner

Doll Market Exclusive LE50


So I got a very nice email from the Doll Market. Her make-up would be similar and she would have grey eyes. Well, the picture they provided convinced me completely and I had to have her;

face shot tocj1040 copy

Isn't she gorgeous! Though the real doll is different from the prototype, she does have grey eyes and similar make-up. I love the doll I got, with that cute little head ;) Her hair is gorgeous and well, see pics of her in the next post!

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80 degrees

80 degrees80°

I haven't deboxed this outfit yet because I haven't had time yet. Besides I have so many new outfits for the girls now, it will takes some time to display them in it. So right now I am displaying this outfit in the box in my doll curio.
I recently got a new dolly and outfit but I am waiting for the sun to come out. I can't wait to take pics ;) Dolls are so much fun!

Thalieja 8 months old

8 Months (2)