Thursday, June 19, 2008

Dollie list

This is my list of dolls of which I only have a few.


"Modern Punk" Susie Second doll in Pop series edition:300
"Seoul Sensation" Susie from the Metropolitan Asia Collection edition:300
"Kyoto Oren" Susie blond from the Orient Express Collection edition:250

Fashion & Accessoires:
Susie Shoe 8 Pack

Joe Tai Doll

"Black Swan's Ballet" Ingrid JT-065 edition:50
"Woman of Harley Rider" En JT-068 edition:50
"Casual N' Confident" En JT-050 edition:60


"Ski Trends" Tyler Wenthworth
"Ski Trends" Sydney Chase
"Ocean Mist" Basic Marley Wentworth™ Blonde


Retro Candy Blonde Bubble
Retro Candy Brunette Ponytail

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