Sunday, December 14, 2008

Barbie Top Model Hair Wear, Nascar Barbie & fashions

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I was sick but there was a Doll Fair at the only Doll Dealer nearby so I went. I had a lot of fun just watching how the store had changed and looking at all the dolls he got. Like always I went to see if he had any fashions, and fortunately he had! They were all on sale and non of them are available in stores. He had Nascar for half her usual price and I wanted her anyway. I bought all the Top Models he had available which I didn't have yet. I was looking at the basic Lana Turner made by Integrity and I actually like her more in real life. Didn't buy her though, had to save up for a new computer. He also had Priscilla and Elvis, and although Priscilla is a beauty I hate her body. Hello Kitty Barbies are a bit dissapointing IMO, but Melody is nice. The Pivotal bodies look awesome, and some of the new Model Muse (Birthday and Celebration I think they are called) dolls are lovely. But most dolls look the same as they do on photos, the only one that really stood out was Lana. I had a fun day and since I didn't get a message I guess I didn't win the beautiful Vera Wang bride. Congrats to the winner!

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