Monday, February 23, 2009

Eclectic Review

This will be my very first review so here it goes ;)

I was lucky enough to be able to buy her, she's was only for sale a couple of days before she sold out. I had read a couple reviews that made her seem not worth the money and a couple that were uplifting. I was pretty scared not knowing if she would be worth it, but I wanted to she her IRL and make up my own mind.

She arrived in a normal shipper and in a white box. The box is sturdy like FR, and has a nice design;
New (12)
The fake lint says "Jason Wu New York" and the AG logo is made of rubber and glued to the box.
In the box she's packaged like Silkstones with a lint. The AG paper is 1 part (FR's usually have it in 2 parts).
AG box
And then finally the doll is visible;
Eclectic box

She's beautiful, her face paint is perfect. She is looks like a big FR. I checked everything and since everything was ok I deboxed her. She's easy to debox just like FR but the label hanging on her right hand is not removable unless her hand is pulled out. I wasn't planning to try that yet, but I wanted the label gone so I tried. It's not very easy which is a good sign, I don't want dolls with falling hands ;) It seems like a "screw in" mechanism but it's a "Plug and Pull" mechanism. The grooves in the handextension cause enough friction for the hand to be plugged and pulled without always falling out.

The first thing I wanted to know was if the doll was loose, I read reviews that said AG's are very loose and it was my biggest fear. They don't know what loose is! She can hold a pose and feels nice. I used to have a couple dolls who couldn't stand, sit or even lay straight. Something was always bending sideways, weather it was a foot, leg or an arm it was soo loose! She is more loose than for example Tyler, but not too loose to not be able to enjoy her.

The wig is very easy to put on and the right size, it's beautiful saran hair and the net (middle of the wig where the wig is rooted) is soft.
IMPORTANT NOTE; I undressed her and found a few black spots on the back of her feet. So the tights might stain.

Photos will came later, stay tuned for those ;)

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