Thursday, July 30, 2009

Display Cabinets

I'm so excited! I got two display cabinets last week and they were filled very easily ;) I think I want to completely change it every once in a while. I already noticed it also makes it easier to compare dolls. In my other cabinet I didn't put boxes, only the deboxed dolls and now finally I have a place to display NFRB dolls which was my dream. I was hoping to get the small Ikea cabinets but walked against these two and immediately saw an opportunity to also display 16" and 17" (Sean O'Neil) dolls.

I do find it hard to photograph in it, but I love it and I'll keep them so I'll practice and see if I can make better pictures in them ;)

Display CabinetsDisplay


dape said...

Royalty Girl,I like your selection of dolls they look amazing, if you need any more specialized Display Cabinets follow this link.

Royalty.Girl said...

Thanks! And thanks for the offer ;)