Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ellowyne Wilde - Pale Memories

EllowyneEllowyne Wilde - Pale Memories


Marie said...

Ces poupées sont vraiment magnifiques, et les photos de ton blog très réussies. J'aime beaucoup la nouvelle présentation. Je te félicite. Je passe chaque fois un très agréable moment.

These doll are really fabulous. I find your photo-blog is very nice. I like very much the new wallpaper. Congratulations. Whenever I come, I spend a pleasant time. Bye.

Royalty.Girl said...

I still have to get used to them, but they are beautifully painted. Their fashions are awesome in any case ;) I do find it strange that Ellowyne's shoes fit the Antoinette body better than her own shoes...

I was planning on changing the background for a while but didn't have the time, and now that blogger has the new theme option I picked this theme ;) Thanks!