Wednesday, December 29, 2010

December 29



AuntLou said...

I love the detail! I love the picture. This got a long look!

Marie said...

J'adore la robe bleue d'Antoinette porté par Cami... Et je suis "raide-dingue" (crazy) du décor de la photo. Si naturel.
Passe de joyeuses fêtes de fin d'année. A bientôt.

Royalty.Girl said...

Thanks Lou!I love the stuff I can find in (almost) their size.

Royalty.Girl said...

That dress is actually the whole reason for my collection of Antoinette and Cami. I was sick and tired of Fashion Royalty and was about to "stop" collecting dolls because Barbie was no fun to collect anymore either. When we looked at the Antoinette collection just for fun we fell in love with that fabulous dress. Antoinette was lovely as well so we took a chance and bought the blond basic Antoinette, this dress and a shoe pack. We have been searching for the perfect shoes to go with it and now finally we have them ;)

Thank you! I love naturel!

Wishing you a happy and heathy New Year!