Sunday, February 20, 2011


Hi all,

I have been extremely busy and will be for the next couple of months. It's the reason I haven't posted much lately but some new stuff has arrived and I can't wait to make pics of it. I also have a new addition to my furry family. Pics of him should be made soon as well ;) He has a lot to learn but he will learn soon enough.

I'm still deciding if I should order anything from the new collections and if so what I would want to order. Unfortunately Damon was incredible in the promo pics but the real doll doesn't seem to make it. It has sparked my interest in the series The Vampire Diaries. I've watched a few episodes and so far I love it. It's also fun to see a lot of actors I know, like Zach Roerig who also played Casey in ATWT or Matthew Davis who played Warner in Legally Blonde.

Mattel and Tonner certainly have some awesome dolls planned for 2011 and I can't wait to see pics of the production dolls ;) IT will announce their doll collection next week or so but I'm not excited at all. Will see them when I see them. The prices haven't come down unfortunately and I have less to spend so it will be a difficult choice. I'm just glad with the dolls I own.

TTYS and have a nice week!



Doll Whisperer said...

I am happy to her from you:)
I wish you all the luck and strength you need at your exams/school/duties :)

What do you think about Aiko dolls from Tonner's new collection Freedom fo Fashion? Prices are insane and facepaint horrible but I am curious what do you think about this specific face sculpt.

Royalty.Girl said...

Thanks so much!!

I think the Freedom of Fashion line is an amazing concept, especially since I have a love for Oriental stuff. And I was always hoping for an Asian girl on the Antoinette body but didn't think it would happen. So I bought Layne. She is gorgeous (the most gorgeous Asian face sculpt IMHO) and has perfect eyes and they are beautiful brown! I know theoretically there is an off chance that Asians could have a different eye color but I only want brown eyes for my Asian girls. Because Aiko has black hair and brown eyes she has the features I'd like to see in an Asian doll.

But the face sculpt has good and disappointing features. The face sculpt will get smaller which might go two ways. Either the angle and the difference of the eyes will get less noticeable or it will get more noticeable. Of course the way she will be painted has a influence on that as well. The face sculpt itself is beautiful. She has lovely lips, cheekbones, nose and a great face shape. I would have loved Mina with brown eyes on the Antoinette body as well but I doubt that will happen. Though the angle and the height of the eyes are a bit too unsymmetrical it's not very unrealistic and the shape of the eyes is nicely sculpted. All in all I'm satisfied with the sculpt but I am secretly hoping Tonner makes the eyes a bit more symmetrical.