Wednesday, July 6, 2011

JAMIEshow Studio J Collection JAMIE



AuntLou said...

Hoe do you like her? :)

Royalty.Girl said...

She is gorgeous and her stringing is tight which is a good thing. She fits in clothes made by other companies and that is fab too. But, like always there is a but, she is still resin ;( Which means the resin at the joints which get used have lots of scratches and lost their airbrush and shine. And the most annoying thing about her is every time I change her or am trying on different wigs or so her legs go in a sitting position and I don't find it easy to get her legs straight again. But the doll is fab and I love her body and facial sculpt and screening. At this point I don't think I'll buy another but that probably is because I found my love for Barbie again. I think I needed the 16" girls because I don't have much stuff for them and I couldn't really play with them so they would take up less of my time. And I could devote that time to my studies. I still love my 16" girls and guys though.

AuntLou said...

Thanks for the analysis. I go back to Barbie every other thing. Trying to thin down the sheer mass. :)