Thursday, March 8, 2012

Nighty Bright Francie Doll

Nighty Bright Francie Doll


AuntLou said...

???! :o

Royalty.Girl said...

Isn't it thrilling :) Can't wait to open the box, but I promised myself to wait to at least tomorrow ;)

Jorge Ramiro said...

This Is great!
It's A Personal Magnetism Test!
But why You're Trying This?
Is It Your Birthday Tomorow??

Royalty.Girl said...

LOL! No, it's not my birthday ;) I usually just can't stop playing with or looking at dolls once I've started ;) And since I had to go to work early on Friday I thought it was best to wait a day and enjoy her today :) Still have to make pics of her though.

Jorge Ramiro said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Jorge Ramiro said...

Sorry I Wrote Something Wrong And Could Not Find A Way To Edit It...So I Deleted The First!
Well Now I Understand Better!!
Enjoy Your Dolls With Time Now!!
And Keep Sharing Your Lovely Good Pics!!
Thanks For The Attention!!