Friday, April 2, 2010

Joe Tai EnManika exclusiveJoe Tai Dolls

The only Joe Tai dolls I owned. One of them fell apart, that's a first I've had that happen. She was just laying on a plank alone and the next time I wanted to change her clothes her leg was still in her pants after undressing. She was the wigged doll which was an Manika Exclusive. Her fashion was great though.
Another had a fault in the bust part from the fashion. It was a huge disappointment, since these dolls were quite expensive.

Homme Box

Love this box. The artwork they put on them were fabulous! Now they are just plain and all the same, but I can understand that with this economy. While I don't have these boxes anymore, I love looking at the pics made of these.

EnJoe Tai DollJoe Tai En's bag
Just a picture so I can remember the bag was from Joe Tai. I really like this bag.

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