Friday, April 2, 2010

Tonner Tyler Wentworth, Sydney Chase and Marley Wentworth

Marley WentworthSki Retreat Tyler WentworthSki Retreat Sydney ChaseSki Retreat SydneySki Retreat TylerMarley

I bought them a couple years ago. I just wanted to try these dolls because I loved their promo pics. After having them in hand I was utterly disappointed. I didn't like their sculpts, or their paint. Mostly Sydney was too strong for my taste. Marley was cute but I couldn't find her any clothes at the time. I was of the opinion handpainted dolls were too imperfect and I didn't want them to be a part of my collection anymore. Their clothes were beautiful though. I tried to sell them but with no luck. So I kept them, and every once in a while I looked at them and became more appreciative of the sculpt. The hair is so beautiful and fine, and they weren't that bad. They started to grow on me. Because of AG I started buying Tonner furniture and became more used to the size. And then Antoinette came along. I saw such beautiful pics of Cameo and wanted to try again. Now Tonner dolls are coming on a regular basis and I LOVE handpainted dolls ;) Thanks Jason Wu with getting me used to this size and Robert Tonner for making such beautiful collections!

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