Saturday, June 25, 2011

For Sale List

Doll Manufacturer YearCollectionNameCharacterBoxedLimitedAnnotation
Tonner 2009AntoinetteSensualAntoinetteDeboxed400
R&D Fashion Dolls 2005 Orient Express CollectionKyoto OrenSusie Boxed250SOLD
Sekiguchi  2006  
Marrons GlacesMomoko   Deboxed

Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyNew VersaillesVéronique PerrinBoxed 1600 SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyUrban AntoinetteAdèle MakedaBoxed 1300 SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyQueen of the HiveNatalia FataléBoxed 1600 SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyLa Belle du SoirKyori SatoBoxed 1600 SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyLights, Cameras, RoyalVéronique PerrinBoxed 1000 
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyStyle RenaissanceAdèle MakedaBoxed 1000 
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyTrue RoyaltyVanessa PerrinDeboxed 500SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Model BehaviourUrban OutfittingNadja RhymesDeboxed 1000SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Fashion RoyaltyPaparazzi BaitAdèle MakedaDeboxed 1200SOLD
Integrity Toys 2008 Nu.FaceElements of SurpriseLilith &EdenBoxed 500 The Jason Wu Event V The Heist exclusive
Mattel  1997  BarbieFlashlight FunJanetBoxed 
Mattel  1991 Barbie Pet PalsSkipperBoxed 
Mattel  1993 Barbie Camp FunSkipper Boxed 
Mattel  1993 Barbie Cool CrimpKevin Boxed 
Mattel  1993Barbie Cool CrimpSkipperBoxed 
Mattel  1995 Barbie Pizza PartyKevin Boxed 
Mattel  1993 Barbie Mickey ToontownStacie Boxed
Disney Exclusive SOLD
Mattel  2003 Barbie Barbie as RapunzelKelly Boxed
Princess Melody SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyEuphoric Pierre DeVriesDeboxed 1000SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyHypnotic Francisco LeonDeboxed 1000SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Model BehaviourHard Act to FollowNadja RhymesDeboxed 1200      SOLD
Integrity Toys 2006 Model BehaviourPower CoupleErin SalstonDeboxed 399FAO exclusive
Integrity Toys 2006 Fashion RoyaltyCapricious Natalia FataléDeboxed 850SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Fashion RoyaltyLiving DangerouslyKyori SatoDeboxed 1000SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Fashion RoyaltyPrimal UrgesFrancisco LeonDeboxed 800SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Fashion RoyaltyChecked OutFrancisco LeonDeboxed 800SOLD
Integrity Toys 2007 Model BehaviourUrban OutfittingNadja RhymesDeboxed 1000SOLD
Integrity Toys 2008 Nu.FaceLost AngelColette DurangerDeboxed 850
Integrity Toys 2008 Fashion RoyaltyPlaying It CoolDarius ReidDeboxed 750SOLD
Integrity Toys 2008 Fashion RoyaltyQuick SilverKyori SatoDeboxed 1200SOLD
Integrity Toys 2008 Fashion RoyaltyBewitching HourLuchia ZDeboxed 825W Club 2008 Exclusive

I'm compiling a list with items I have and choose which dolls will be put on sale. The dolls put on sale will be in the list in this post and you can email me if you're interested. You can make me an offer or ask my price. When I have the time I'll also put the dolls on the Show and Sell site from Dollpage and pics of them can be found in the archive of my blog. When I come around to it I'll also try to make new pics. All deboxed dolls will be nude.

My email address is


P.S. The dolls come from a non-smoking cat friendly home. The cats are not allowed near the dolls or the doll room. International is welcome and I accept paypal.


My darling dolls said...

Hello Royalty Girl,

What a pleasant list ! But please could you tell me what is your adress-mail......

Royalty.Girl said...

Hi My darling dolls,

Thanks for your reply, I completely forgot to include my email address and have done so now. My adress is

Let me know which dolls interest you ;)