Monday, June 20, 2011

JAMIEshow Studio J Collection JAMIE

What caught me about this doll were the eyes, lips and body. And she looks amazing in person! It isn't often when a doll looks exactly like the promo pictures. Even if they are from the production doll. The beauty of the skin is hard to capture but it is amazing in person. Wondering how she would compare to my Tonner's and AG's.

JS Jamie Close UpJamieShow Jamie; I want to get out of this box!JshowJAMIEshow Studio JStudio JamieSide of Box JSHere She Is

She was bought from Angelic Dreamz which exclusively carry the lines except for a few JS dolls.

Angelic Dreamz


My darling dolls said...

Whaou !!!!

Royalty.Girl said...

Thank you! I just felt I should treat myself with her but I fear I've spoiled myself and want more ;)