Friday, June 24, 2011

JAMIEshow Studio J Collection JAMIE Dressed

And of course as promised if there would be light just a few Jamie pictures

She's Got The PowerShow Me The WayI'm Waiting, Where Are YouToo CloseLiving In The Shadows

This doll is amazing ;) Never thought I would venture into resin again but I have to say that she poses fantastic and she's able to stand very well. The doll is strung very tight and it makes all the difference. The resin itself is also very beautiful. The color and the blushing makes the doll look real. The light went away when I tried another outfit and wig but I'll try again tomorrow ;)

Also look out for for sale post for both Barbie and Fashion Royalty stuff. I've decided to sell a part of my collection to make space


Karina said...

Wow! She is beautiful. She has a beautiful makeup and dresses.

Royalty.Girl said...

Thank you Karina! I adore this doll ;)